University of the Philippines graduation ceremony.

Yesterday, my brother graduated in UP Diliman. Even if there were so many hassles since President Aquino was there, it was still quite fun. Actually, this was part 2. Yesterday was when he marched and got his diploma in the UP theater but they didn’t want me to go kasi daw maarte ako. Haha.

University Avenue was closed but I still walked wherever. It was gorgeous when cars weren’t present. & the weather was spectacular. Took so many photos. My dad ruined most of them. (Waving at the back, being oblivious.) So, not posting those. Haha.

There were rows and rows of Sunflowers! These were actually grown exactly so that they will bloom in March for the graduation rites.

The whole family is a Aquino supporter, even if some of us were raving for Gordon to take office. Me, personally likes having alot of faith in the administration. & as of now, this blog is going to be very political. Haha, nah.

Since there are alot of heated debates and contradictions with the administration and the University today like the budget cut. Like Pres. Aquino said: “This would not be UP if there weren’t any protestors or rallyists”

Extra security was observed. Helicopters hovering above, hundreds of PSGs, Patrol cars, tanods, etc. You can’t bring plastic bottles in or umbrellas (you might throw to NoyNoy LOL)

This school is my kind of place. You won’t be persecuted for speaking your mind.
In the middle of Noynoy’s speech, a few graduates held banners up: "Aquino, walang pagbabago." I admired both parties. The opposing and the President for keeping his cool.

I won’t be saying my part in the current situation since I haven’t seen all corners of it. I would just be biased towards the President.

I will be updating this post when I’ve uploaded his 10 minute speech and comment on it later. It basically was a very personal approach. It’s content was about the RH bill, the graduates, his pride with the graduates from UP who are in office who did not trade their integrity with the money that was right in front of them. Didn’t know Heidi Mendoza was from UP. She’s one of my heroes.

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